Hey Everybody I’m baaaack!

Well what a month… I left you on the way back from Niagara I believe. Got myself back to Toronto and Jen carried on her journey. Headed to the store on my way home, full basket, went to pay, card declined. As per with me, card troubles. Now I’m pretty sure Duncan had bets on how long this would take haha, but it becomes slightly more of an issue when your nearest branch is in a different country. Absolute numpty I am, only had $3.50 (About £1.80) cash to my name, no way of accessing funds, everyone in the UK in bed, Jen on a plane. I have honestly never felt so vulnerable, lost and stupid. I bought 50 cent noodles and slunk out the store feeling very sorry for myself. But that is the joy of travel! It isn’t all sunshine and roses. Long story short with help from one of my amazing brothers I got sorted but it made for a not very fun time.


The rest of the month has been not the most exciting on a blogging level but really exciting for me. I have sorted a place to live, right in the heart of Kensington Market *dream location*. Actually I’ve been a bit rubbish on the old photography this month so I’ll just intersperse with street art from around my new digs.

This beaut sits at the entrance to Graffiti Alley, that face.

That broke and miserable time spurred me to stop having so much fun and write a CV (silver lining) from which I managed to land a job. Well similarly to buses I landed 3! But settled for a 9-5er for a bit of routine for the first time since… College? Woah. Weekends off, the dream is being lived. While I wait for the job to start I’ve picked up some shifts at a Gelato place, probably eaten enough sorbet to fill a pool this month, at minimum a hot tub.

Not the best photo, but I was trying to be discreet. When I went to print CVs these examples at the printing shop made me chuckle. 


I have seen some awesome local city wildlife. Turns out raccoons are flipping massive, to the point where people cross the street from them. Last night on the way home from shift I saw a skunk. Well to be honest I smelt something nastier than fox poo, looked up and then saw a skunk. I thought they only stank when they sprayed? Unless it saw me and sprayed, It was 2am I probs terrified it!

dsc_0040.jpgdsc_0041.jpgDiscovered that Toronto is one of the few cities in the world to have a cinema dedicated to documentaries and its 20mins walk from my front door! Very happy about this and have already become a member. This month was their film festival, I did a couple of days of binge screenings where I sat firmly in my element.

One for the gamers among us

Think that is about all my waffle for you today, got a pretty quiet couple of weeks lined up so it might be another month before the next one. Really excited to kick off June with my next visitor, the boy, who will be here for my birthday. We’ve rented an RV and we’re off to discover some Canadian countryside so prepare for BEARS! Watch this space and I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Masses of love and all that xxxxxxxxxxxx


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